Saturday, December 28, 2013

Austin is 4 months old!

So this is a couple of days late, but Austin you are now 4 months old! You have grown so much and have learned to do so many new things. Here is what you are up to at for months:

You weight 15 lbs. Probably a little more now because you have been a bottomless pit lately! You are consistently eating 6 oz every 3 hours and will eat 7 oz before bed. Our schedule has been off lately so you go to bed anywhere between 7:30 and 9:00. You sleep anywhere from 5-8 hour stretches at a time. You wake up once to eat then back to bed. However, you have learned some new motor skills that you like to try out in the middle of the night such as rolling over and rocking on all fours that tends to wake you up. But you have slept through the night a few times and this makes Mommy extremely happy.

You are good at rolling over from your stomach to your back. You have rolled over from your back to your stomach a couple of times. You seem to not like being on your back very much and try so hard to roll over. When you are on your tummy you can occasionally get on all fours a rock a couple of times. But then you just start kicking your legs. You also love standing up and would much rather do this that sit or lay down! That is why you love your jumper. You are able to be up and see everything that is going on. You are also trying very hard to grab and hold on to things. If we put a toy in front of you it is super slow motion until you actually grab it and hold on to it for a second. But you concentrate so hard and what to do it so bad. You will be doing that very well pretty soon!

Right now you love to watch your big brother play. Just watching him keeps you entertained for a while! He loves to play with you too and can always make you laugh. You love to chew on your fingers! They are always in your mouth due to some bottom teeth that are starting to make an appearance. This make you one slobbery baby! You also love when people talk to you and are very quick to give your precious smile.

You are not liking getting lotion on your face. You have very dry skin and we put lotion on you frequently and you are just not a fan. The car seat is still not your favorite but you are starting to enjoy it a little bit more.

You are just growing so much and changing everyday. We love you very much sweet boy!

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