Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Time to blog again...

WOW! It has been extremely long since I have years. I honestly just kind of forgot about my blog. Well things have definitely changed in the Franks Family. Brantley is now 3 years old which I cannot believe! We have a new addition to our family....little Austin who was born August 21st. Adjust to the life of working full time and raising two children has been challenging, exhausting, and wonderful. I can't imagine our life without Austin. He has been a fabulous addition to our family. And Brantley has adjusted SO well to his little brother! I prayed and prayed that his transition to life as a brother would be smooth and God has truly answered that prayer. Just this morning in the car on the way to the babysitter Brantley said, "I like Austin. I like my little brother." Music to my ears!

Another new thing going on in our life is that we are putting our house on the market. Jason and I have tossed this idea around for about a year now. I was overwhelmed with the idea at first because let's just say that at the end of the day, cleaning and straightening up the house is the last thing I want to do. But I am going to suck it up and just do it! It will be worth it. We don't like the location we live in and never have for the four years we have been in our house. We are definitely ready for a change. Plus Jason currently has to drive an hour each way to work so we would really like to be in the middle of our jobs. We have an idea of where we want to go but still are not 100%. We are taking this process one day at a time and praying our house sells quickly!

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