Thursday, November 14, 2013

This is hard...I mean challenging

Being a wife, mom of two, and a teacher is hard.....I mean challenging. My students would get on to me if they heard me say something was hard. Whenever they say that something is hard I tell them to say challenging instead. I explain that when you describe something as hard you are telling your brain that you won't be able to do it. But when they describe something as challenging you are creating an opportunity for yourself to grow and learn a new way to do something. It is pretty funny because I will hear kids getting on to other students when they say something is hard and correct them.

So back to what I was saying...being a wife, mom of two, and a teacher is hard challenging.Especially since Austin is not sleeping through the night yet and I am one exhausted momma!! I am trying to learn the balance of it all and most of the time feel like I fail in one of the areas. My priorities are this: God, husband, kids, job. Sorry teaching career, but my family will always come before you. Plus when I get home I don't even have time to work on lessons until both the boys are in bed, and this girl definitely does not want to stay up late because like I mentioned before, I am getting up with a handsome baby in the middle of the night. And ask anyone who knows me I REALLY love my sleep so I will take all I can get right now. Thankfully I have been able to get most of my work done at school. I would rather stay later at school to get caught up than have to sacrifice anytime with my family right now. When I was on maternity leave I remember how overwhelmed I was at being a mom of two and balancing my attention and love. But as I look back, that was a cake walk compared to throwing a full time job into the mix.

It has been two months since I have returned to work and I am still learning. I am learning how to handle a three year old who is pouting because I can't play with him because the baby is crying, learning how to handle a little one yelling "Mommy I have to go poopy!" right when I have just started feeding the baby, learning how to handle getting asked to do something extra at work when I really want to say no because I am not sure where I will fit it in to my day, and learning how to put my husband before the kids when one of them literally cannot survive without me. But as I tell my students, challenges bring opportunity for growth so it is time for me to start growing!

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  1. You do not fail in anything you do!!! You are amazing and an inspiration to all us teachers in the trench!! We adore you and I am so glad you are blogging so I can live vicariously through you!!