Monday, November 18, 2013

From Boys to Men

I am the mother of an energetic and lively toddler, and a super happy and laid back baby. My little boys are awesome. I was so excited when we found out Austin was a boy. I have loved being a mother to a boy and was pumped to do it again! Boys are fun. They are rough, loud, funny, energetic, and get pee all over the toilet. They are not a wild spirit to be harnessed. They are just boys! I never want to get on to my boys for simply being...boys. I want to do everything I can, with the help of my hubby, to raise my boys to be men of honor and character. Right now Brantley might be extremely rough playing, but one day that roughness is going to turn into a fierceness to fight for justice, protect his family, and defend himself/his beliefs in a world that is trying to make him conform. Right now Brantley is so loud running all through the house, but one day that loudness will be a voice that will command attention, lead others, and speak up for those with no voice. Right now he has more energy than I can keep up with, but one day this energy will be the drive he needs to accomplish his goals and pursue his dreams. Right now Brantley gets pee all over the toilet, but one day....well let's be honest, he will always get pee on the toilet! Boys are definitely an adventure, but it's one I will gladly embark on to raise men that will influence our world.

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